Gain More Visibility for Your Dental Practice

Dental SEO is meant to help dental practice websites become search engine friendly so that they can rank higher in search engine result pages and be found by more people. Search engine optimization and search engine positioning are important for every business, but they are of particular importance for dentists.

Lots of people search the Internet to find good dentists. They look at the quality of their website, how quickly they respond, and how many good reviews and recommendations there are about them. However, when searching the internet, most people do not look farther than the first two pages of results.

Statistics reveal the fact that as much as 85% of the website visitors get there through a search engine query. It is more than obvious that top positioning is vital.

Internet Marketing for Dentists – Is It the Only Way to Get Noticed?

While there are other ways to promote your business, such as Yellow pages ads, radio, TV or print media, nowadays, people trust the Web and explore it more than all other sources of information.

In addition, having a website that is well positioned helps people remember you and it makes very easy for them to find you at any hour. It also gives them the feeling that your business is transparent and you are reliable. Furthermore, if you have a website, you clients can more easily recommend you to their acquaintances.

So, your main goal when promoting your business should be getting enhanced visibility on the Internet so that you can attract new patients and maintain a good relationship with your current ones. Now, in order to be able to come up with a great SEO tactic, you need to know some essential tips.

SEO Made Easy – 2-Step SEO for Dentists

Step One – On-Site Optimization

This phase is mostly about research. You have to see how competitive your website is and what your competition is. Then, you have to use research tools to check the way that the national and local audience is searching the internet for dental services. You have to spot what the relevant keywords are for your state and city. Focus on two to five keywords and find a natural way to introduce them into your existing content and meta tags for each of your pages.

Step Two – Link Building

This is the most important part of your SEO strategy. You have to have inbound links that are relevant to your website and that would point to it in order for your website to get ranked higher in search engine results pages in time. As always, you have to check what your competitors are doing and what their current inbound links are. Your priority will be to submit your link to highly ranked profiles sites and local business directories. Blog commenting, social networking and press release distribution are other tactics you should employ.

Master SEO

If you are a dentist, SEO and internet market are most likely strange notions to you. However, if you put a little effort into learning the essentials of SEO, you can get to master it and use it to ensure the growth of your business.

Here are the essential things about SEO:

Keyword Research

Keywords research is the easiest thing you have to learn and do. You simply have to figure out what the terms that people in need of dentistry services search for are. While there may be many such keywords and keyword phrases that are popular, you only have to focus on those that are important to patients in your area. Furthermore, you have to avoid using general terms (e.g. “dentist”), as such searches reveal millions of results and your site will never get ranked high. Include relevant keywords in your website content, but make sure you do not spam by including too many keywords on a single page. Content is also important, so make sure you offer high quality information as well.


Make sure your website contains the most important pages such as: About Us, Services and Contact Us. These pages will not only help you build a reliable business, but will also provide search engines with a serious load of differentiated information. Create a page for every kind of service that you provide.


There are quite a lot of high quality websites that can provide your business with a landing page. Google Places and similar other pages count a lot for search engines. Create a profile and provide relevant details, including photos, maps and social media links.

Technical Optimization

In order to tell the search engines what each page of your website is about, you have to use title tags. These are some of the most important SEO ranking factors. Use descriptive title tags that contain proper keywords; keep them about 70 characters long at most. The domain name and the URLs should also include keywords.

In order for the images on your website to be considered relevant by search engines, you have to make sure they have these 3 things:

File names containing the description of the image (e.g. healthy teeth);
Alt tags for when the image is not available or cannot load – also descriptive and containing proper keywords (e.g. ways to keep your teeth healthy);
Title tags offering additional information when you place the mouse on the image (e.g. what to do to keep your teeth healthy).

Now, even if you decide to call to someone else to take care of your SEO strategy, you already know what the basics of SEO are and what that person is supposed to do in order for your website to be ranked higher in search engine result pages. Also, the most important thing is to design a website for humans not for search engine bots, so keep this in mind when you write the content on your website.

When you try to promote yourself as a dentist, SEO marketing is vital; we hope we have managed to introduce you to the basics of internet marketing and show you how SEO should be done.

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